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~ Buff Orpingtons ~

Since their debut in 1886, Orpingtons have continued to be a popular choice of dual-purpose chicken. Despite their massive size, they are well known for their mellow, gentle demeanor and are often a first choice for backyard coops. These are hardy winter birds, and (when provided with proper care and lighting) the hens will continue to lay light-brown eggs right through the winter months.


Orpington eggsBuff Chicks

But when it comes to this breed, the term dual-purpose falls short. "Multi-purpose" would be more applicable to describe all their worthy attributes! My strain of exhibition Orpingtons has proven that it really is possible to have it all in one package: productive hens to supply a family's egg needs; cockerels with first-rate table qualities; and the classic beauty of bred-to-standard birds that consistently win top awards in the show room.


These were the qualities that led to the overwhelming success of the original Orpington chickens, and these traits still remain in a few select flocks. I consider myself very fortunate to be a caretaker of this exceptional strain of Orpingtons that are as practical as they are beautiful.



Champ English 20152012 Buff Orpington cockerel and pulletBaby Buff cockerel 20142014 Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair

5 month old cockerel2014 pulletBuff Hen