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~ Buff Orpingtons ~

Since their debut in 1886, Orpingtons have continued to be a popular choice of dual-purpose chicken. Despite their massive size, they are well known for their mellow, gentle demeanor and are often a first choice for backyard coops. They are hardy winter birds, and (when provided with proper care and lighting) the hens will continue to lay light-brown eggs right through the winter months.

Buff Chicks

Orpington eggsThese qualities led to the overwhelming success of the original Orpington chickens, and are traits that still remain in a few select flocks. This outstanding strain of exhibition Orpingtons has proven that it really is possible to have it all in one package: productive hens to supply a family's egg needs; heavy, meaty cockerels you can be proud to serve at the table; plus the classic beauty of standard-bred birds that consistently win top awards at major shows.

Some recent wins with Hawthorn Hill Buff Orpingtons:

  • Champion English, CHB Fall Show, 2015
  • Champion English, Res. Show Champion, Red Deer Westerner Fair 2015
  • Champion English, NCAPA 2015 - Hen
  • Champion English & Reserve LF, CHB Lawn Show, 2014 - Cock
  • LF Grand Champion of Show, Toronto Royal Winter Fair, 2013 - Cock

2012 Buff Orpington cockerel and pulletBuff Orpington Rooster 2016Orpington cockerel chick 20142014 Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair

Champ English 2015Orpington pair-20152014 pullet