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~ About Our Buff Orpingtons ~

History of the Orpington

Orpingtons are a very popular dual purpose heritage breed with a good balance of meat qualities and egg production. These birds are known for being gentle and are well suited for backyard coops. They are a hardy winter bird and when provided with proper care and lighting, the hens will continue to lay light-brown eggs right through the winter months.


The first Orpingtons were created by William Cook and his son and daughter in a village near Orpington, England. William Cook introduced his first new breed, the Black Orpington in 1886. The other Orpington colors followed, including Buff which quickly gained popularity amongst exhibitors and poultry enthusiasts. Only four years after Cook first launched his original type, Joseph Partington developed his version of Orpington. These were much larger and fluffier and show judges began awarding top prizes to the impressive-looking Partington type, much to Cook's protests (his birds were known to be better layers than Partington's.) In the U.K. this profuse fluff and loose feathering has gone to extremes, and the current "English" type Orpingtons are beginning to look very similar to a clean-legged Cochin.


My Buff Orpingtons are bred to adhere to the North American Standard which addresses this trend which has now been making its way into Canada.  “The plumage of Orpingtons is important in order to maintain the ideal type of the breed.  The feathers should be broad and smooth fitting on the deep and massive body of the fowl.  The appearance of great massiveness however should not be secured by developing extreme length of feathers in the plumage.”


Substantial weights of 10 lbs for cocks and 8 lbs for hens are required. Hens this size require more space and larger nest boxes than the common layers or hatchery-type Orpingtons. So if you are considering high quality Buff Orpingtons for your coop, some adjustments may be needed.


Orpington eggsOUR EXHIBITION ORPINGTONS: Buff Chicks
I consider myself very Fortunate to be working with a championship bloodline of exhibition Orpingtons. These are the ideal Orpingtons - massive in size, mellow in temperament, and beautifully golden. Some pictures of my award-winning Orpingtons are posted here: News/Events.

When it comes to this breed, it really is possible to have it all: Huge, meaty roosters you will be proud to serve at the table; hens that produce good numbers of eggs for the family, and the classic beauty of bred-to-standard birds for the show room or to simply admire in your backyard. These were all considered important traits when this breed was first being developed, and I feel it is worth investing the time and effort to ensure they remain.


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