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Poultry Sales

                A note regarding Avian Influenza...

I'm staying current on information and developments, and have been taking extra precautions to protect my flocks. Stringent biosecurity measures are in place.  

Please note:
I don't sell hatching eggs and rarely offer young chicks. 
Normally I grow out all of the chicks I hatch so that I can watch them develop and select the top few performers to keep back for my own replacements. This is the only way to maintain and/or improve the overall quality of a flock. Once I have hatched what I feel I will need, my mating groups are broken up for the year.

Sept 2023 Update

I'm nearly sold out of birds for this year but I still have some good, breeding quality Blue Cochin and White Chantecler cockerels. I'm down to the last of the Cochin or Chantecler breeding pairs I'll be selling this year, so it's best to contact me soon if you are wanting to get set up for your spring hatching needs. Please feel free to reach out and I'll let you know what I have.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like more specific information about my strains or availability. *Prices generally range from $40 to $100 per bird.

Thank you for your interest!


More about availability and pricing...

My number one objective is to continually breed better birds that come as close to meeting breed standards as possible.  I hatch and raise the number of chicks I feel I will need to replenish my own flocks and keep the overall quality moving forward.  I enjoy sharing birds with others when I am able to, but this is not the case every year, or with each of my breeds.


  • The first young birds available in late spring will be healthy pullets, but they might have colour faults or fall short of my expectations for breeding, so are considered layer-quality.  Ave price: $35 for Large Breeds, $18 for Bantams. 
    * Show quality pullets will start to become available later in the summer and fall.  These young adults have no apparent physical faults or disqualifying features:  $45 - $75 each for large fowl breeds.  $30 - $50 each for bantams.

  • I am very selective when it comes to selling cockerels, and I don't always have extras available. Breeding quality cockerels start at $50 each.  

  • All birds will be healthy and sound when they leave my farm, however I am not able to provide additional guarantees past that.  I place a high priority on achieving a balance of correct phenotype, along with vigor, good temperament and productivity, but cannot make guarantees on these or other traits that are not outwardly apparent such as fertility, behavior or life span.   

  • I do not accept deposits or payment in advance.  As birds become available I will contact everyone who has asked to be on a waitlist via email. The birds will then be offered to those who are first to respond.  I am able to hold individual birds for up to two weeks while pick up is being arranged.  Unfortunately space is at a premium, so I'm not able to hold birds longer than that.  If pick-up can't be arranged, the birds will be offered for sale again. 

    *Please keep in mind there are no perfect birds.  The ones I sell for breeding are guaranteed free of DQs (faults that would disqualify them in an APA sanctioned show) and are meant to be a starting point for beginning a new flock or adding to an existing one.  There will always be a need for continuous selection and careful breeding choices to maintain a quality flock.

I'm an active member of the following clubs:

Alberta Poultry Breeders Assoc - Secretary

Chantecler Fanciers International - Director

Cochins International - Western Canada Rep

American Poultry Assoc - Master Exhibitor

Additional resources

Some good books to keep on hand:​

  • The Chicken Health Handbook - Gail Damerow

  • APA Standard of Perfection 

*Prices based on farm pick-up.  Transport to shows I'm attending is usually available. 

Shipping within Canada may be possible, at buyer's expense.  If you want to find out more about live animal cargo rates, please check  with Westjet or Air Canada for quotes on shipping out of YEG (Edmonton International Airport).  

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