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Splash Cochins

Splash Cochins are an attractive sooty-white with dark splashes of grey.  I only produce Splash offspring as a consequence of breeding Blue x Blue; not as an objective.  But I do appreciate them, both for their own appeal and for the benefits they bring to my Blue breeding program.

While Splash is not yet a recognized variety for Large Fowl Cochins, it has been granted approval by both the APA and ABA in Bantam size. 


A bit about Blue genetics...

Splash chicks are produced from blue matings because of the incomplete dominance of the blue feathering gene which dilutes the black. Simply put, when two blue chickens are mated together, their progeny will not all be blue. Chicks with two copies of the gene have near-total dilution and are splash; those with no copies have no dilution and are black. Only the ones with a single copy will have the partial dilution necessary to produce blue plumage. 

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